Members’ Evening

🎭Member’s Evening!🌟

Saturday, June 3rd

🟢What time?
8:30 pm

🟣Meet up with your friends at the Playhouse, have a drink and a laugh, and enjoy a selection of and .

🔴How much?
Paid up members: FREE!
Guests: $ 1.500-.


The Playhouse
Moreno 80, San Isidro.

Valentina Cerrato, Delfina Cerrato, Malena Chater, Hans Biorklund, Alejandro Sola-Claret, Richard Moeller, Martin Grisar, Claudia Navarro, Juan Martin Lami Dozo, Simon Chater, Natasha Berry, Martin Millan, Andrew Cobb, Sandra Waigandt, Valen Iricibar.