AUDITIONS: Who’s in Bed with the Butler?

This fast-paced, physical farce will be staged at the Playhouse at the end of April, beginning of May.

We are looking for men and women of different ages. There is a lot of physical comedy in this play, so you should be reasonably limber. This is a brief info on the characters:

AGNES (50 – 60s):  The Housekeeper.  Likeable, funny, perhaps a little self-centered. Deaf as a post and moves about as fast as one! Oblivious, she lives in her own world, and has a pet rat who is the centre of her life.

CLIFTON (Age 40-60):  The Butler.  Suave, clever, a likeable rogue. An endearing but complex personality with a quick, dry wit and a great sense of humour.  The pivotal character of the play. Loyal servant, schemer, scoundrel, opportunistic embezzler, and either the naïve lover or romantic playboy (maybe both!). 

SUSIE LEGERE (Age 30 – 45):  An actress hired to pretend to be Clifton’s wife.  Bright, perky, quick-witted and resourceful. A very determined lady with definite ideas on marriage and morality.  Afraid of rats, she is at the heart of many comedic scenes. 

CONSTANCE OLDEN (Age 40-50): Mr. Olden’s only child.  Severe, dowdy, businesslike. She is dour and taciturn and appears to be “all business”, though she has a softer side.

ROY VANCE (Any age): Miss Constance’s attorney.  Scheming, untrustworthy, greedy and malicious. A thoroughly nasty piece of work. For him the law is all about making money and not at all about justice.

WILLIAM DAVIS JUNIOR (Any age): The Private Detective.  Sympathetic, funny, extreme, a natural clown (this is a part that requires a lot of physical flexibility and timing). He is one of life’s total incompetents, who misinterprets every piece of information he receives. He is repeatedly rendered unconscious, always leaps to the wrong conclusion, and can never get his sentences straight.  He is a truly comedic character.

RENEE LAFLEUR (Age 30-45):  The French Femme Fatale.   Sexy, seductive, determined to the very end. A voluptuous french beauty who uses all her feminine wiles to achieve her ends.

JOSEPHINE SYKES (Age: 30 – 50): The English bimbo.  Pretty, sophisticated, well-educated and articulate.  She is very English in manner, bearing and accent. She appears to be prim and proper but sometimes shows great strength of character.

MARJORIE MERIVALE (Age: 30 – 50): The quintessential California Girl.  Beautiful, athletic, outgoing and calculating. She takes her affairs very much in stride. She has a practical, materialistic approach to life.  She is only in it for the money.


We also need lots of help with backstage, front of house, props, costumes, makeup etc., so if you would like to give a hand, please fill in the form also, indicating what areas you are interested in.