THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP (a night of horror)

Daniella Upton has killed her childhood friend. Locked in a cell at the local police station, her one chance of escape is convincing the local district attorney that she’s telling the truth. A story of occult magic, murder, seduction, and horror.
March 12 – 21:00 hrs
The Playhouse, Moreno 80, San Isidro

Based on an original story by H. P. Lovecraft.  Adapted from an Original Radio Play by Sean Branney and Andrew Leman.

Directed by Jordan Saxby and Hans Biorklund

Natasha Berry, Malena Chater, Valentina Forcellati, Alan Fraser, Gonzalo Goldschein, Matias Montaldo, Sylveen Smith


AUDITIONS for March Evening of Theatre

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all who have expressed an interest in auditioning for the evening of theatre based on A Thing on the Doorstep, and apologies once again for having to postpone them earlier this month, due to the epidemiological situation in Argentina.

WHAT is the show? A stage adaptation of The Thing on the Doorstep by HP Lovecraft (updated for modern times).

WHO is directing? Jordan Saxby, aided masterfully by Hans Biorklund.

HOW do I audition? (NEW) We’re asking all of you who want to be in the show to SUBMIT A SHORT VIDEO AUDITION.  The tasks to be completed are at the end of this post.  Some of them might seem a bit strange, but it’s a strange show! Just relax and have fun.

Please send your video to, or send us your name and WhatsApp number and we’ll be in touch on there. 

What is the DEADLINE to submit my audition? We need to have your audition by the end of the 23rd of January, so we can have the first rehearsals on the week of the 24th-28th January.

Do I need a good quality video? No, you don’t need good quality. A bad phone camera will do – we just need to get a feel for your amazing skills.

Will the rehearsals be virtual? The rehearsals themselves will still be at the Playhouse, but in the smallest groups possible to reduce risk as we go.

Has the performance date changed? The show performance has now tentatively moved to the 12th March from 21:00 (show will last about an hour). We will continue monitoring the COVID situation closely to make this as safe as possible for all who attend.

WHO are we looking for? A cast of 6-7, including oldies, youngies, and people of all genders! If you fancy getting creepy, come on and have a go!

What commitment is involved? We’ll be asking for 1-2 weeknight rehearsals each week between January 13th and March 12th, depending on the role you get. If we end up running behind, we may need an extra rehearsal on a weekend nearer to the show date.

I want to participate but don’t want to act. Is there a role for me?  Of course! We’re looking for people to come help with tech, makeup, costuming, poster design, and the door and bar on the night,  Fill in an audition form with your info and interests, or email us at indicating which area you are interested in and we’ll add you to the team

If you have any other questions regarding auditions or the performance, please let us know at

In the meantime, we look forward to receiving your auditions!

The Suburban Players


Task #1 (everyone)
Each of the characters is described below. Please read the following lines as up to two characters of your choice.

They told him about Asenath and her dead mesmerist father, Ephraim Waite…. that she could raise thunderstorms at will, or make dogs howl by moving her hand in the right way. They told him she spoke in dead languages, and could hypnotise people.

(pick up to two – Where gender is specified in the character description, we have to use a cast member who aligns with that gender)

1. A middle-aged academic – interested, intrigued and slightly scared
2. An in-love, obsessed, young man (replace “him” with “me”)
3. An older male cultist (Ephraim Waite), proud and powerful, dismissive of Asenath
4. The “she” – Asenath – a seductive, quirky young woman, enjoying her reputation
5. A gossiping (but wholesome) wife/husband/partner
6. A child, excited at knowing something they shouldn’t.
7. A hard-nosed, sceptical, lawyer, reporting what they found when interviewing a suspect

Task #2 (only if you read for role 5)
Please also read for role 6. This will likely feel weird or silly – but it will make sense in due time!
Task #3 (only if you read for roles 2, 3 or 4)
30 seconds max. Without props or shouting, try to scare or unnerve us. Move in a strange way, intimidate the camera, whatever you feel like! Don’t worry about looking silly, we just want to get a feel for how you can be creepy.

Task #4 (only if you read for roles 1 or 2)
30 seconds max. We need you to act scared… as if you’ve stared into the camera and seen something life-destroying. We’re not looking for flailing .arms or screaming – we’re looking for dread and terror.