GOD OF CARNAGE at the British Arts Centre

FRIDAY, July 7th – 8:30 p.m.
SATURDAY, July 8th – 8:30 p.m.

at The British Arts Centre – Suipacha 1333 – C.A.B.A
how to get there

On a beautiful afternoon in peaceful Cobble Hill Park, a child hits another child in the face with a stick and breaks two of his teeth. As modern Western society dictates, their parents meet to have an adult, civilized discussion about their children’s behavior. But the God of Carnage, who has ruled uninterruptedly since the dawn of time, will rightfully dictate otherwise.


Alejandro Solernó, Carolina Alfonsín, Rita Hostt, Mariano Muente

Tickets: $4000

AUDITIONS FOR 60th Anniversary Musical Show


















The show will take place the 1st weekend in August
Rehearsals will start on April 1st!

It’s The Suburban Player’s 60th Anniversary, and we would like to have fun celebrating it! This is why we not only chose to present one of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s most iconic musicals, but we will also be working with a group of actors and actresses, recreating some of the best moments of The Suburban Players’ 60 years of productions!

What are we looking for?

Singers, dancers
18+ years old, with previous stage experience

Actors and actresses
18+ years old, with or without previous experience

We are also looking for help off-stage!
(costumes, make up, backstage, etc)

What do you need to do?

1. Send us an email to tsp.anniversaryshow@gmail.com indicating your interest and your preferred date and time for auditioning, as we will be pre-allocating people slots.

2. Fill in the attached form indicating what you’re interested in (acting, singing, dancing, backstage, etc), any previous experience and your availability for rehearsals.

3. Please bring a printed copy of the completed form with you to the audition. We would  also be grateful, if possible, if you could send it to us in advance electronically.

There will be two parts to the audition:
Movement (dancing)
you will be taught a simple, short, group choreography on the day.

Please choose a song of your preference, in English (not necessarily from Evita). If you have a soundtrack please bring it on your own mobile phone and bring a cable to connect it to our speaker. You can also just sing your chosen song “a cappella”.

For those also auditioning for “Celebration” 
(or who just want to act)

you will be provided material to work on at the audition. You can also bring along something pre-prepared (in English) to show us.

We’d love have as many of you involved as we possibly can, in order to give The Suburban Players a wonderful 60th Birthday Party!