Street singers singing, beggars begging, whores whoring, police protection rackets, clumsy stooges, a rebellious daughter, planned public disturbances, dead bodies, fancy knife work….  Mack the Knife is back in town.  MAKE YOUR RESERVATION HERE

This famous satirical play with songs, by Bertolt Brecht and music by Kurt Weill, broke away from realistic/naturalistic theatre. Addressing the audience directly, and using illustrative songs, it is loaded with humour and social satire, and tells the story of the conflict between two leaders of crime:  The outlaw Mack the Knife, and Mr. Peachum, better known as the King of the Beggars.  When Macheath “marries” Peachum’s daughter Polly, he is forced to escape her parents’ wrath, and despite corrupt police officers in his pay, his downfall begins… or does it?

Fridays at 9:30 pm –  Saturdays at 9 pm – Sundays at 6 pm

at The Playhouse – Moreno 80, San Isidro

Tickets:  $ 300   –   Paid up Members Free

Directed by Hugo Halbrich

Musical Director: Dick Sturla – Assistant: Simon Chater

Eugenia Barker, Fernanda Bigotti, Hans Biorklund, Andrew Cobb, Silvina Cozzi, Maggie Sosa Escalada, Melanie Fuertes, Sam Gilbert, Camila Ledo, Maria Laura Maciel, Agustina Oliveri, Konstantinos Papalias, Gabriel Romero Day, Charles Souto, Veronica Taylor, Taber Timmons, Paula Visir, Manuel Zavala Saenz