We say goodbye to our friend Rosemary Morton

Today we say goodbye to our friend Rosemary Morton, a dear and active member of our club.

Rosemary was a marvellous woman, strong of character, generous and always willing to help.

From prompter to a hilarious actress, she also took part in our productions as stage hand, stage manager, house manager, and above all, as our friend for over 40 years.

We were all very lucky to have shared countless rehearsals, shows and cast parties with her and enjoyed her wonderful Brazilian-Scottish- English sense of humour.

We will miss her unfailing commitment to our theatre and her kindness.

Rosemary, we will always keep your smile in our hearts. Thank you for making our lives better.

May you rest in peace, Rosemary Morton.

15.2.1939 – 27.1.2023